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Identity - Brand Design

The image of your company is usually conveyed through a number of ways, fundamental to your image is the company logo and how it is used. I and my associate graphic designer, Adrianna Kavalieri, specialise in logo design. A good logo creates an instantly recognizable face to your business and products and allows you to brand every item within your business with your own stamp and trademark.

brand design

Logo Design

A logo should work no matter the size of the product, where it is being placed or the colors of the background. A great logo can make or break your company's image and will also contribute a large amount to how professional your company appears. Logo design should be one of your top priorities whether you are established or start up.

Brand Design

Your brand image is a symbol that represents all the information and expectations that your customers associate with your products and services. This makes your brand design one of the most valuable elements in your advertising theme, as this communicates what your business stands for and the experiences it offers in your market place.


Graphic design and branding services

I and my associate graphic designer, Adrianna Kavalieri, offer the following graphic design and branding services:

  • Logo design & brand design
  • Brochure design & marketing collateral
  • Signage & livery design
  • Direct mail & marketing
  • Packaging
  • Stationary design (business cards, envelopes, letterheads)
  • Personalized objects design (presentation cds, booklets, folders etc.)

Although the majority of my work is web related, many of the clients require logo design and marketing collateral. Our work ranges from single design projects to part of larger web development projects, carrying their brand throughout stationary, marketing collateral and their website.

With all of our design projects, considerations for future marketing, media application and cost of printing are carried out at the design stage with branding optimized for both the web and print mediums.